Life Changes

Ready or not?

Today, our lives are busier than ever making it easy to set aside thoughts about insurance coverage. However, life changes happen quickly and it is important to think about how those changes may affect your insurance coverage. Remember, your coverage must keep pace with your lifestyle in order for it to be effective. A regular insurance review is the best way to accomplish this.

Examples of life changes that may affect your insurance needs include: 

Starting a Family 

Evaluate your life insurance and consider disability insurance to help ensure that your family can live comfortably and have the funds available to cover the financial gap, in the event you become disabled or worse.

Teenagers Heading Off to College

Review your home insurance policy to see if your child’s possessions will be covered while they are away.  If not, renters insurance may be necessary. Auto insurance should also be appraised to make sure you and your child are adequately covered. 

Nearing Retirement

Evaluate your life, long-term care, home, and auto insurance policies to ensure you have the coverage you’ll need for your retirement lifestyle.  

These insurance needs are suggestions and are not the only options available to help you. Consultative advice is free and can help you determine what type of insurance will work best before or during a particular life stage. Contact us today.